04 May 2014

We're back!

Whew!  What a loooong hiatus.  Things are finally starting to settle.  Our move from Georgia to Kentucky was interesting to say the least.  Our Georgia home was twice the size of our already furnished Kentucky home.  So finding space and sifting through things to keep versus things to donate has been very tedious.  I think we have the hang of it now.

Leaving all our Georgia friends and church family has been very difficult for us.  Fortunately, the move "home" made it easy and we're once again surrounded by friends and family, even if we miss those in Georgia terribly.

So... things are coming to an order... slowly but surely.  Life is crazy for our growing Mabry family.  There's never a dull moment.  Our diva, Cora, loves dance and all things girly.  Our pink tomboy, Elayna, loves all things outdoors, dirty, and hands-on.  Moving to the country has been good for all of us!  We no longer have television and are enjoying every moment of it!  (Of course we still watch the occasional movie online.)  The girls love being outside and we're making quite the country home.  There's always something to do: for the home, family, church, homeschool, property, etc.

Speaking of country home, let's not forget to mention the chickens, pigs, bees, and baby.  Yep, we have 15 chickens (soon to be less if the jerk roos don't straighten up), a pig to slaughter this fall which currently lives on a friend's farm, another pig we'll acquire this summer, one hive with three more on the way this week, and a baby due the day before Thanksgiving.  We have A LOT to be thankful for and we're looking forward to more regular updates for our friends and family near and far.

I make no promises to the frequency of blog posts, but I'm definitely shooting for at least once a week.  :)  Stay tuned...

07 June 2013

Dinosaur Puppet Show

Bad dinosaurs die, always.  Nice dinosaurs are happy and fun (notice their smiley faces and how they double as slides and horses for the caveman).  So you know.

20 May 2013

Forest Fairy Elayna

I know, I know. The quality of these photos is very craptastic.  However, in my defense, I'm not exactly sure where the camera is... let alone the battery or charger.  So my iphone will have to do.  And it doesn't do well.  The photos aren't OCD aligned and text isn't consistent.  Being after midnight, I'm ready for bed.  This is a milestone and I've been really bad about blogging.  It must be done!  Even with all the errors, enjoy the post anyway!

This weekend was Elayna's ballet recital.  Randy & Renee were able to come down for the weekend and we're so excited they're here.  Cora bursts out in random bouts of squeals, gets really quiet, and then whispers, "I'm so excited."  It's hilarious and yet kinda creepy at the same time.  It should be documented, really.  Elayna has been capitalizing on her time with the grandparents and is totally "all jacked up on Mountain Dew"-ish.

Anyway, here's what out afternoon looked like:
Isn't she the cutest Forest Fairy ever?!

One of the backstage moms brought movies... best idea ever since the academy director insisted on keeping several dozen toddlers and preschoolers cooped up in itty bitty rooms for multiple hours each day this past weekend. Sheesh. They take this recital business very seriously. 

We brought a half dozen coloring books and a box of crayons. Notice how nobody wanted Bible Stories?

 Elayna KNOWS this dance and has been performing it for the family on a daily basis.  She was uber excited about the recital... up until the fairies lined up to go on stage, then she got a real bad case of backstage jitters.  

There was a strict "no cameras" policy, so we don't have any pics of the actual dance, but here's her rehearsal video.  Elayna's the second one from the right.  Folks, she knows this dance and can do it in her sleep.  WHY she kept watching and following the girl next to her, I don't know.  But it made the crowd chuckle a few times and she had fun.  ***CAUTION: The volume may be loud.

After the intermission Elayna was allowed to leave the holding cell and join her family for the rest of the show.  Here she is with the flowers Ryan bought her.  Why is she not in costume?  Oh, it's another one of the director's rules "No costumes outside of the dressing rooms or off stage" and I think it's silly.  I mean, come on, this is a children's dance recital, not some Broadway production.  Although tickets were a whopping $20 each (there was a mandatory 5 ticket purchase, per child per class), so... maybe it was on some level and I just didn't realize it?

Elayna finished the "production" (director's word, not mine) on Daddy's lap.
And this is how Cora spent the whole show.

Elayna suckered spare change out of Mooma.  She's making a wish.

And now she's picking the penny back up...

So she can make another wish.  Funny girl!

16 April 2013

Sunscreen, yes please!

Our girls know how important their skin is. Even if it's only because they've snuck into a bag they're not supposed to be in. The weather here has been insanely warm. Swimming warm! We had a slip n slide block party just yesterday and it's only gonna get warmer!

09 March 2013

Lazy Saturday morning. Cora's watching Mickey Mouse with her BFF.